Change Log

 Change Log - Spiritual and Traditional Medicine Website

Version 1.0 (Initial Release)

- Homepage design and layout

- Introduction to the website's purpose and offerings

- Overview of spiritual and traditional medicine practices

- Featured articles on various topics related to spirituality and traditional medicine

- Information on the website's founders and contributors

Version 1.1

- Added a search bar for easier navigation and content discovery

- Improved site performance and loading speed

- Updated the homepage with more visually appealing graphics and images

- Enhanced mobile responsiveness for better user experience on smartphones and tablets

- Added new articles on specific spiritual and traditional healing practices

- Included testimonials and success stories from individuals who have benefited from spiritual and traditional medicine

Version 1.2

- Introduced a blog section for regular updates and insights on spirituality and traditional medicine

- Implemented a commenting system for users to engage in discussions and share their experiences

- Enhanced the website's navigation menu for better organization of content

- Added a resources page with recommended books, videos, and other materials related to spiritual and traditional medicine

- Improved the overall user interface for a more intuitive browsing experience

Version 1.3

- Integrated a newsletter subscription feature for users to stay updated on the latest articles and events

- Expanded the website's content to include information on different spiritual traditions and their healing practices

- Updated the homepage with a featured events section, highlighting upcoming workshops, retreats, and seminars

- Added a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to address common queries about spiritual and traditional medicine

- Optimized the website for SEO to improve visibility and reach a wider audience

Version 1.4

- Implemented a user registration and login system for personalized user experiences

- Introduced a community forum for users to connect, share knowledge, and seek advice on spiritual and traditional medicine

- Added a practitioners directory, allowing users to find and contact certified spiritual and traditional healers

- Updated the blog section with guest posts from renowned experts in the field

- Enhanced the website's security measures to protect user

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